The Forces of Good joined us


I greet you on behalf of God and Jesus.

I am glad to meet you here.

A huge negative load wraps your working house.

The Forces of God brought us here to reinforce the protection in GESJ.

The major number of sufferer spirits brought crying for help increases the harmful vibration and attracts the forces of evil near to you. In spite of having superior protection, it depends on us, intraterrestrial ones give our contribution to recover and to increase the Protecting Shield that we appreciated it actually.

Blessed is the Force of Light!

Loth, Intra of Stelta, GESH, 04/02/07, ES- Brazil.

Remarks: Since long time this brother did not communicate with us. According with the spiritualistic medium, he was smiling and very happy.

GESJ´s team helps the sufferer spirits before mentioned very poor spiritually at schools, hospitals, prisons, reformatories, slums, indigenous areas, conflict areas in the Middle East, collective deaths occurred by great catastrophes and other terrible situations. Being unprepared for the great trip, they ignore the own death and stay in the same place where they lived physically and go through much suffer hard. That suffering could be avoided if they faced the death being the only certainty we have while we are embodied spirits.


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