Now, it is the "Enough!"


Peace on all of the quadrants and in your hearts too.

Brothers, the cleaning works in your Planet run so fast. The magicians, the torturer and perverse creatures, and invisible beggars overfill the terrestrial physichosphere with heavy fluids and bad thoughts.

They spread pain free, but the "Enough!" arrives to them now. They are our brothers, but they will take long and painful road to recompose them as human beings again. You, the cleaners of the astral may allow them the first step in direction of the ascendant and definitive course.

From all love granted to those Beings, will bloom the necessary transformation. Together, you need to help those sufferer ones and avoid any prejudice against them. You and they are old accomplices of mistakes. Now you are lucky people, because you have already received help and take advantage of this present incarnation as a redeeming blessing and to the arduous work to save your in debt souls.

Do your best to aid the other people. The order is to evacuate all places with insane creatures in order to cauterize the Mother Planet’s wounds.

Blessed is the Force to drive us.

Blessed is the Divine Driver, our Master Jesus!

Peace on all of the quadrants and in your hearts too.

Ashtar Sheram, GESJ - 08/08/07 - Vitoria, ES-Brazil.

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