Do not save the labor of love.



Peace in your hearts!

It is much spoken of spiritual progress.

Most of people think to be a spiritualistic medium, a worker of the Spiritualistic House, an advanced spirit and so on.

They are not sure; either spiritualistic mediums or catechizers are spirits highly engaged in search of fast progress, because it is the last chance granted them in the present incarnation.

By immense generosity and divine mercy, the Father grants to his son in search of self-regeneration, an opportunity to retake his progressive and ascendant road.

Many brothers with you in this Spiritualistic House, in your work, at schools, in the neighborhood and other places, they can present as Servants of Jesus, even having not commitment or knowledge on the Doctrine.

They are just Servants of Jesus serving the Divine Project for evolution of all his children.

Integrity and Light, progress and spiritual hierarchy are not connected to the economical, political and social power.

"The simple vases can cultivate beautiful flowers".

Before the Father’s eyes, more important is Spirit’s essence; the stereotype can be just an illusion.

Only God, the Creator knows and can judge our deepest feelings.

By means of light, faith, charity in favor of the other people, discover what the real purpose of inhabiting in this planet.

Do not save:

Fraternal words:

Love to the neighbor,

Labor of love,


Thus, you will be transmitting love, peace and light from Creative Father.

Fraternal greetings.

Chico, GESJ - 08/14/07 - Public Meeting - Vitoria, ES-Brazil.

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