Abortion and Suicide


Blessed is the Christian Light!

Blessed is the light of the life!

Life in the Blue Planet is very important for thousands and thousands of brothers linked by karmic ties and programmed by Ministry of the Reincarnation, through their sidereal techniques. Nevertheless, every day, the embodied spirits try to break the Divine Laws committing the Suicide and the Abortion.

The reincarnation means actually new chance for spiritual progress; it is the divine blow to wrap up that spirit who needed live in this plan.

If they could reach the happiness the spirit feels when he gains permission to reincarnate, surely, they never would think on such insane action.

When I have visited countless homes, clinics, schools, and other institutions, as trainee executing mine several tasks with a view to write the work "Let me alive", I have learned very much. At times, I had even interfere on situations that did not depend on me indeed, because I only wanted to impede a "murder", and even I made materialization to avoid one more abortion.

Think about the preparations for a big party, when suddenly, somebody impedes its accomplishment? It is a simple analogy, but easier to understand such a situation. Moreover, there is disappointment and suffering of the aborted one, the karmic commitment, hate, revenge, persecution and other feelings generated by such criminal action.

Brothers and sisters that have practiced directly or even have given their contribution for abortions, they should afford assistance for children hereafter, in order to reduce the load of crime brought with them.

Most of creatures who have practiced the abortion, they usually find at Orphanages, their children abandoned in the past time.

Open your hearts and render voluntary work at Philanthropic Houses.

Let the reasoning light open your regretted minds so that you can redeem even a portion of mistakes of the past time.

Peace, Love, Light and Life.


Luiz Sergio, GESJ – 07/31/07 - Public Meeting - Vitoria, ES-Brazil.

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