We are brothers and sisters on behalf of Christ.


Brothers and Sisters,

We greet you on behalf of Jesus.

Glad to meet you!

In the simplicity of the place that lives the feeling of love, even though the world does not cultivate such simplicity, where true intentions blossom and sustain humanity. The presence of noble Spirits comes from pureness of feelings put together Spirits seeking self-enlightening.

Personally, I incarnated on Earth, as predicted by Law of love, for self-enlightening that provided me redeeming work. My presence here has the objective to encourage all of you to maintain in force and courage, determination and faith, because, even though the material eyes cannot see, many noble Spirits work hard taking care of your physical and mental health. If the inevitable suffering reaches you, elevate your thoughts to God thankful for that little obstacle, because, for sure, He has already removed the largest troubles. We hope your inner peace represents the beginning of the practice of charity on Earth, because many people need your help and have few ones to assist them. This is the greatest commandment, "love your neighbor as yourself".

In this manner, practicing the charity in favor of the suffering Spirits and, sure that we live at battle between the Good and the Evil, where the Good must win, however, we still must face others battles until reach the victory wanted.

I leave you words of comfort so that you go on with the work, sure that we are always with you.

Viva Our Lord Jesus that comforts us!

We are brothers and sisters on behalf of Jesus.

Yours friend,

Francisco Candido Xavier, GESH – 09/16/06 ES – Brazil.

Note: Message received through the psychophony, when our team of workers has visited the "Spiritist Center São Jose" in the city of Iuna, ES - Brazil.

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