Of the Heaven, He protects us.


It is heavy joke, but the shield is stronger. Brothers and Sisters, once again wrapped with Sublime energy, we practice the instructions coming from Heaven, informing to human beings the risks they run nowadays.

The infantile minds should evaluate the consequences of their actions and omissions due to inertia, laziness and irreverence so that definitively they become rightist or leftist of Jesus Christ.

A lot of work awaits us, but you are not alone if we give us to Jesus.

The protection systems are reinforced and stay in alert for other attacks probably coming. Nevertheless, our Superior Guardians are always attentive and have already informed us that they begun the preparations for unrestricted support on your work.

We are ready to face such attacks and surely, we will defeat them.

It is not me who affirms, but He, Jesus who follow us of the Heavens!

Blessed be the Light!

John Baptist, GESH - 02/16/08 – Vitoria/ES- Brazil.

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