We are many invincible beings


A bad Spirit speaks:

Do you feel yourselves free from suffering?

Of the Kingdom of Darkness, we watch you and your family. Do not think that our claws are far away from your bodies.

In the wrench of the darkness that happens often in the material and astral worlds, any hour, you or one of yours will be arrested for abysmal areas plenty of sufferings and of the pains. Our "bosses" will not rest until they put the hands on the "children of the Lamb."

You an the other ones outside do not think that you have large protection than any other creature that we can easily manipulate and enslave,

We are many strong beings around of you by everywhere. We are only awaiting the least opportunity to drag you to Darkness.

Await and you will tumble in our hands as the other foolish ones.

We are many invincible beings.

I am Loctar of the Kingdom of Darkness.

GESH – 06/27/08 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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