Never contest Christ's Love for you


Dear disciples, may the peace be with you!

At times of war as you live now, involves the planetary atmosphere a dense fog of wild and rude feelings coming from the creatures in moral and spiritual decadence, facilitating the siege of vicious spirits. In order to escape from the direct attacks of those minds plugged with inferior vibrations, it is very important you watch your daily thoughts and deed.

It is right that you are the favorite objects of the Beasts! Any Servant of Christ who falls in stupid traps means victory to "Darkness". However, those who believe in the Master Jesus, they must fight against those insane influences through the positive thoughts and deed.

Calm your spirits in prayer and restore your forces in order to face larger and more intense fights hereafter, because the "Beast" (the Beast of the Apocalypse), noticing his/her empire collapsing, he/she and respective army of the evil will attack with lethal the fragile humanity. Only the Force of God and Christ's Powerful Love will stop such diabolical plans.

Anchor your spirits in courage and faith and never contest Christ's Love for you.

Yours Master Ramatis.

Medium: Master, has already finished the Darkness’s attacks against us?

Ramatis – On next week, we will be invisible to the Army of the Darkness so that you strengthen your bodies with restoring vibrational field.

The vicious spirits but they withdraw in order to build new diabolical and cruel plans against you. Their hate grows while you are victorious against them.

They only want to stop the explanation toward the humanity; however, they ignore the Force of Light and of Love guiding all of you.

Hallowed be the Peace and the Love!

Lord Jesus, hallowed be Your name!

Have no fear! Jesus Christ protects you and our love always accompanies you.

Ramatis, GESH - 08/02/08 – Vigil in Barra of Jucu/ES – Brazil.

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