Anything can stop the apocalyptic events


Clairvoyance: I see a spaceship flying over the Servants of Jesus Shelter – ASJ. It spreads strong energy that hides the physical construction. The energy involves the next battlefield.

Then, I listen to Commander Ashtar Sheram:

May the Peace involve on all sides and your hearts too!

Sisters, you are the Warriors who accepted the invitation of the Intergalactic Forces for the first time in order to face next battles.

You already live such future of serious confrontations between Light and Darkness; final fights to define the destinies and allows to leftists of Christ's fastest exile and cleanness in the earthly astral.

Your swords shine and your disciplined minds are ready for next battles.

All of you continue connected with Christ, because the separation of the wheat from the tares comes and nothing else in this world will stop the avalanche of the apocalyptic events already begun on Earth.

Go ahead women warriors, because the battlefield comes.

The Force of the Light leads you.

Ashtar Sheram, GESH – 09/12/08 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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