He who has ears of hearing, we hope he listens to Jesus speaking with us!


Brothers and Sisters,

Your current pains are telegrams of your bodies announcing your spiritual condition.

Inner afflictions only reach those beings delayed in perception and understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Do not ignore such affirmation; unless you want continue in pains and afflictions. Surrender yourselves to regenerating proofs to interrupt the suffering and let the peace comes for construction of happier life.

Those who have eyes of seeing, see Jesus with us.

Those who have ears of hearing, listen to Jesus with us.

Those who have good hearts, we hope they feel the love of Master Jesus for us.

From Mansions of Sublime Love, He commands the good spirits who come to speak us of His Presence. Let us elevate our mental vibratory field to welcome them and together compose the ties of deep love among brothers.

Peace forever!

Esther, Nhá Benta (formerly slave and Mistress)

GESH – 09/14/08 – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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