You have the crop of your own harvest


Dear brothers,

The extra planetary civilizations greet all of you.

They involve us with unconditional love that you cannot feel due to your souls still involved with inferior vibrations.

When you practice the Lessons of Jesus, you begin the first steps for the practice of the unconditional love in the future.

It is not any privilege for this group, but also for those beings addressing to God, even the littlest thoughts and desire of renovation and progress on Earth.

Deeply touched by suffering beings screaming for help in dark night of the Earth, the Brothers of the Stars approach all of the human beings and of all team of workers, in order to explain, guide, correct, publish, protect and aid them.

They assist and listen to all beings, independent of religion, ethnic, or debts of karmic nature, always respecting the individual merit.

We cannot remove your pains and suffering at once when your crops are harvest based on the Law of God.

We cannot do the miracle that your still infantile minds wished. You have make efforts to reach a superior dimension above of the Planet Earth.

All of you that want escape of the pain, fear, suffering and agony, and reach a superior life, then, take your own cross, accept with resignation the daily troubles and give yourselves to Jesus Christ.

Our large group takes care of you and our presence, although it does not mean a miraculous cure, it means sincere love that, as teaches us Jesus, cures everything, and we bring as precious gift of faith that everything removes of the road, although many disagree with us.

Even so, we continue addressing to you; the universal thought that, little by little, we believe will touch many hearts.

On behalf of Jesus, we reveal our presence reaffirming the ties of love and light joining us along of the planetary transition.

Have Peace in your hearts!

Nefertiti, GESJ – 09/30/08 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Clairvoyance: I noticed the presence of the communicating Spirits, as if they were Mediums meditating on next messages among Extraterrestrials working hard.

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