Abandon the bitter life



May the Peace involve the entire planet and your hearts!

In different spiritual degrees are the earthly people, however dense and heavy is the terrestrial surface.

We address our words of comfort and hope for those tired and worn out devoted workers.

Warriors go ahead! There are many tasks, host of difficulties and the Beast invades the shady hearts distanced from Christ's Sublime Messages. It is about the time for gathering the forces; prepare minds and hearts for inevitable fights. The more organized and strengthened are the Army of the Darkness, better will be the Army of the Light.

Linked with Leaders of Rescue on Earth, we address energies and positive thoughts for you to do the job that depends on you.

Warriors go ahead! It would not be different. As declined beings of other globes, you will have a chance to quit the old debts throughout the final battle. We are brothers and we are following you on earth.

Abandon your bitter life. Believe in God and continue defending His Work. Now, everything is less relevant than the victory with Christ.

We hope the Master in His Sovereign Presence will prepare each of His Servant, for victorious battles.

Blessed be the force of the Light!

May the Peace involve the entire planet and your hearts!

Ashtar Sheram, GESH, 01/05/08 – Pedra Azul/ES – Brazil.

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