That difficult hour demands co-operation of all people


Dear brothers and sisters,

May the Peace of Jesus involve you!

After a storm comes, the calm that allows the human beings notice the damages promoted by the "furious nature". Most of the terrestrial inhabitants do not love the nature and this equally ignores the human dramatic feelings and reacts strongly against them.

The nature reacts ever more alarming against the disturbances imposed and struggling for recovering its natural balance. Even though the human beings understand and receive as cruel and cold revenge drawn from Mother Nature, the natural catastrophes are just the crop of the unbalances imposed to the Planet that is the house offered by God Father to humanity.

It could not be different before the alarming disturbance, and we cannot stop the "furious nature". Thence, we always bring to you; many revelations speaking of the reality throughout the planet to you, even though, many people still live at the matter, ignoring the spiritual reality.

The recurring events announced every day, as if they were isolated facts; they are all connected one another, as delayed reaction of the nature against the interferences provoked by human beings either in the material or astral plan.

Earthly brothers, the planetary readjustment begins, where the Body of the Earth struggles for restoring the balance again, indifferent to the human attachments. "The furious nature" will not recognize continents or people, only the karmic Law may protect those chosen for not succumb on those difficult moments. Even so, the chosen ones must always remember of the High Spirituality imposing them the responsibility of aiding the suffering beings around them.

The entire Planet reacts by different ways everywhere.

You will hear of natural catastrophes, even so, we hope we believe in God always guiding your steps and your hands through the work in His name.

May your words comfort and guide those around you!

The hour is serious and demands co-operation of all for render concrete the divine plan throughout the Planetary Transition.

May loving Jesus illuminate us on those difficult moments of the transition!

Blessed be Jesus with us!

Shama Hare, GESJ - 05/07/08 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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