The United States of America’s new President


Brothers and sisters,

The humanity walks throughout the razor’s edge. The Divine Plans authorized Lords of the karma the preparation of a Brother for divulgation of love and peace on those difficult moments on earth. Nevertheless, your free will is preserved.

Despite the great moral value of that brother who will govern the largest and powerful nation of the Planet, the "Contrary Forces" invest all efforts in discouraging each human being on the path of the peace.

Most of Nations agree with appeals of the Commanders Reptilians that directly influence either many Leaders or those in high office that advise them.

The perverse reptilians unable to govern the entire nation that interest them more, they offer many other things in order to seduce the adversaries.

Terrestrial People, you need pay close attention on those difficult moments. Set free your souls from the darkness toward a new time and let the Light illuminate your road.

The Law of God gives a grandiose opportunity for you change your thoughts.

Agree with the invitation and change!

May Jesus illuminate your discernment on that hour!

May the Peace shine forever!

Shama Hare, GESH – 11/08/08 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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