Hercílio Maes speaks about the Servants of Jesus' Colony


Clairvoyance: I saw Hercilio Maes with Margarida and other companions of the Spiritist House GESH. We were in an immense living room among hundreds of spirits lying, maybe sleeping in suspended stretchers.

I heard the following words of Hercilio:

... Their spirits have undergone a cure to recover them the emotional balance, but they refused to take the right road, not accepting the invitation of the Good for readjustment with the Divine Law. Thence they began the preparation for inhabiting the exile. They remain under cataleptic state, ready to take the prison Ships and soon inhabit a new Globe, as declined spirits.

They are tens of thousands of faithless spirits from the simplest being until those in high office independently of sex, race and nationality that will pass by the Earth as exiled beings.

Unhappily, until the last instant, they neglected the Divine opportunity offered them until the last instant. They go as uncontested ones for one more exile.

This place belongs to the Complex Servants of Jesus Colony and these brothers induced to the trance, go for prison-Ships.

They are tens of thousands of spirits going away and arriving many other ones. They will undergo a specific treatment and make their final choices between the Light and the Darkness; it means choose Christ or the Exile.

Jesus protects us with His love.

Hercílio Mães, GESJ - 01/05/09 - Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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