The Garden of Olives.


Jesus that was born amidst belligerent men, and noticing them delayed spiritually, on that hour, linked to the Celestial, going up towards the Garden of Olives, He prayed begging to the God Father’s Mercy for the humanity.

He noticed in front of him, the film of His own life, by means of extracorporeal experiences and understanding the magnitude of God Father's Mercy for the humanity. Then He returned to material world, mindful of teaching us the love and the pardon, about the ephemeral material life, and the renewal of the spirit.

He preached faithfully and in that meantime, His heart spilled waves of loving "incomprehensible forces" that involved all people in the audience.

The "mediums" very happy have seen and commented on the extraordinary works He has done. They worshipped Jesus as "magic" and God’s son. For us, in everything, Jesus is Love and eternal His words.

If His words had been translated completely, this humanity would have gotten more knowledge directly of the Master. Nevertheless, few men, holders of the power, intercepted the "Historical Registrations", but not the vibrations that His Truth planted in faithful hearts that perpetuate them.

My brothers! The energies that Jesus from Nazareth put in action, they still are in course. Few ones make good usage of them; however, when linked with His wise Lessons, they get great benefits.

Nowadays, the Garden of Olives is silent, no longer we hear His prayers, but from there, He looks after us begging to the God Father to protect us on Earth.

Let us link our minds with Him begging for peace among all creatures.

The proofs will be hard; being unnecessary, you intensify them in this present reincarnation.

May Lord Jesus bless you!

Peter, the Apostle, GESH – 12/26/08 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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