There is no Divine Determinism impelling pain and suffering. There is cause and effect, action and reaction.


Intense energy wraps us and the presence of the Master Jesus is all. I remain lovingly immersed in His Light and, at the end of the message; I feel difficulty in returning for our reality.

My Daughters, the environment to which you are invited to do the job, it is completely impregnated of beings and negative energies disturbing the psychosomatic balance; however, there is nothing between the sky and the Land that could not receive My Energy and remain safe.

Your bodies are full of My Love, which you carry forward protecting your bodies and with additional load to distribute to the declined spirits magnetized in the darkness.

While you walk towards the deepest Abyss, it comes true in accelerate time, the Purposes of My Father, who is in Heavens. Even that all the children and brothers that tread in the sacrifice, in the dense and lethal environment, do not get to reach the end of the task, everything will be carried out in accordance with the Will of the Father.

The Beast, as you call it, represents the sick soul, which does not get to be cured, due to insistent resistance. It represents the evolutive delay of the "sparks" created for the progress. Like her, other "beasts" exist in the human creation in other Systems of the Universe. They do not injure to God with his impertinence, which represents blow of death in their own development and spiritual progress

The Divine Laws are dynamic and ascendant and, no creature can alter them.

Only deluded and blind men, consider themselves above the Divine Laws that, in fact, it is enough to understand them to feel impelled to practice them.

On that that everything can, we put our Love and He covers us with His Power and Light so that we carry out His Determinations.

When sounds the last hour, nothing will remain unchanged on the Land in all dimensional plans and sub-plans.

The "spark", created to progress, will be magnetically attracted for where your vibrations drag it.

Do not fear! You make part of the Great Plan Earth of Redemption of this humanity and, if today you face the dangers either in the physical and invisible plans, it is due to your delay in the evolutive journey, for the mistaken choices you have done in the past.

We were joined and you recognized Me as Way, Truth and Life; but, your will stayed solidifying, your faith was built slowly, but today, with the faith of the size of the grain of mustard, you are already able to recognize Me and follow, practicing My Lessons, defending and disseminating the deepest sense of My Words.

The Great Plan in progress will not be interrupted or altered. The poor mistaken mind will come, in time, and all of you will know of their own incompetence for to see without seeing and hearing without understanding.

I am and I will be always helping and comforting you.

I am the Love!

Come to meet me!

In the pastime, you did not understand My Glance, but felt My Spirit. Today, you are able to see, to feel, to understand Me, and to progress.

Speaking to the Planet Earth

My brother! My friend!

Your last hour of suffering comes.

You will be elevated to Category of the Regenerated Worlds and with you, I will be. I have been with you, from the beginning of your creation.

Do not remain in sorrows or resentments of the ungrateful children that refused the love and sacrificed the brother of journey.

Throw to the progress forgiving and loving as the Father teaches us and let us follow with the Light of the unlimited and eternal Evolution.

Planet Earth! Cradle of this humanity of rebels, open your floodgates of love and wait for the redeeming transformation.

Again speaking to the humanity:

The children of My Father, obstinate in the mistake, despite His Wish, will not remain in this Planet. Their intentions of power will succumb and, for the total absence of love in his hearts, will live in a desert planet and without life, arid and stonily like their own souls.

It is of the Law, the vibratory reciprocity with his/her habitat and similar vibratory aridity will be attracted for arid planet and without life.

You are My Sheep and the Good Shepherd does not allow that the wolves devour his sheep.

It is time of the wolves leave from this corral for regions where there are only wolves; and the sheep, separated, according to vibratory level. However, all, wolves and sheep will remain tied by the thread of My Love. There is no divine determinism imposing pain and suffering. There are Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction.

It is time of separation between the tares from the wheat grow in different fields, and allow same opportunities of progress, according to their choices.

Only the LOVE will survive above the chaos and the storms.

I guide your steps; I comfort you, and I cure your wounds.

I followed myself, because with you I am, today and always.


In the same day, in the last concentration, Loving Jesus continued:

Loved daughters, (we were seven women) no there is war without negative consequences for the creatures' psyche.

The psychological and physical consequences are inevitable. The weakest ones do not support their own horrors, the ignoble ones enjoy the storms, and the warriors, despite the suffering and the pain in the physical body and in the soul, keep defending the true frontiers of the Good.

You feel the effects of the fights, which are natural consequences.

You are courageous workwomen fighting with the Army of Light that I represent, and, the wounds of your bodies, for the defense of the Good, clean your tunics.

Remain at the battlefields until your garments; clean and brilliant attract you to My Presence.

With you I am, today and always.

Jesus, GESH – 11/14/08 – Nocturne Vigil - Vila Velha/ES - Brazil.

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