To love the neighbor is urgent on that hour!


Clairvoyance: I saw Elementals, Indians and nurses applying ointments and other natural medicines in the wounds of our astral bodies.

We wish Peace and fraternity to all inhabitants on Earth!

By the clean up of the Planet, you will clean your intimate world too. When you help other brothers, you also help yourself to the celestial plan.

Wise men already said to you about that. Loving workers already pointed out the ways to you. Experienced Minds already removed the veil of the knowledge occult.

Countless pilgrims before came to tread and recognize the ways of the redemption, as a father that tastes the food before offering it to his child.

Being reluctant in accepting an undelayable situation, the humanity persists in the doubtful path, completely attached to the useless inferior feelings.

Not always was like this. Times before, you were good trainees in the hands of skilled Masters. Nevertheless, the acquisition of the liberating knowledge always has two sides: one side of the humility and altruism and other fed by the pride and selfishness, which imprisons and causes pain.

Protecting Spirits guided you fearless through the path of progress, but seduced by illusions of the self-sufficiency, you were launched to mud of the ignominy.

Nowadays, you endeavor to return to the reality.

Simple and cheerful, you can return. The Instructors did not abandon you; they lovingly look after you in name of the Creator.

From Spheres of Light, through the Master Kuthumi, we disseminate the Divine Love to all of you, workers of last hour, so that you open the eyes toward the reality.

To love the neighbor is urgent on that hour!

I leave you on the Peace of Lord Jesus.

Mistress Rowena (GFBU), GESH – 03/14/09 – Praia Grande/ES - Brazil

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