Jesus is Love that supports and forgives


Blessed be Jesus, Divine Benefactor of the humanity!

The soft Light of His Love hovers upon men, however, still with disoriented thoughts tuned in earthly pleasures, they refuse His friendly presence and then, they are arrested to crime and spiritual delay.

Jesus is Love that supports and forgives.

The human beings are full of pestilential residues due to uncontrolled emanations. Impossible not to see their still rude perispiritual morphology often deformed, attracting similar beings fed on pestilential discharges emanated by the human disarray.

They inhabit abysmal areas pleased before the human delay and rebelliousness.

Dear Sister Margarida, the vibratory reverberation from "inferior plans" and incessant fights with "bestial beings", affected negatively the sensitive equipments implanted in your astral body as additional measure to maintain controlled your physical as well as diseases of karmic nature.

However, as courageous worker woman, you persist in working, despite the frequent painful symptoms.

You will be undergoing another surgery next Wednesday; however, the preparation begins today.

You need not of any special diet; you would better ingest much water and devote larger time in gardening so that we apply resources of nature in your spiritual body.

Let us believe in Jesus, our Master and our Guide. The simple pronunciation of His Name emanates thoughts of peace and love.

May the Peace involve all of you!

Do not call us doctors. We are just travelers of other galaxies, workers of God.

Orthom, Ortham and Orthanine, GESH – 02/20/09 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note: The three brothers are doctors and inhabitants of Orion. They currently help our Spiritist Center GESJ since the nineties. Some doctors of our Spiritist Center already trained with them in Orion, as well as, they already made me several surgeons.


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