He did not come to condemn us


Clairvoyance: Threads of light left from Master Jesus' Presence touched on our solar chakra that when touching it, the light expanded the chakra filling up with energy, the ducts with energy of our astral body dissolving granules and stains.

Thereafter, I captured the words of GESH´s Spiritist Counselor, the Apostle John Baptist, as follows:

An impure woman, before the presence of Sweet Nazarene, she touched His garments, begging Him for pardon able to cure all the wounds. The crowd ignored what has happened. At that instant, took place a miracle of cure in the name of love, humility, regret and pardon. The Master came to teach us, and, with His Teachings cure us.

He did not come to condemn us. Like Him, little beings that we are under spiritual regeneration, imperfect still in our moral, blamed by countless transgressions against God’s Law, we cannot judge our neighbors.

It is enough to look for personal enlightenment in order to feel in own hands, the Master's garments and when touching them, to feel all energy emanated from His Pure and Beautiful Being, and hear Him saying, Get up and go! Your faith cured you.

Clairvoyance: John Baptist stops; kneels down; looks upward from where the light comes and prays:

Doctor of the doctors!

Doctor of our souls. You who cures everything.

Cure our ignorance and put us near the Father.

We want be with you, Jesus.

Your brothers shout and we can hear them. Nevertheless, we are still fragile beings weak to help all, because they are many brothers in need.

Master, cure the sick souls in need of Your Light.

Clairvoyance: John the Baptist kneels down, bending deeply touched, under the enormous responsibility, when he saw a crowd of suffering spirits in our Spiritist Center - GESJ.

John the Baptist, GESJ - 12/13/08 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note: John the Baptist is the current Spiritist Counselor of GESJ.

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