Jesus is the Road, the Truth and the Life


Amidst the gray clouds wrapping the whole atmosphere, the narrow proximity between the Beast and you is dangerous for your physical life. In order to avoid it, take care of your thoughts and words.

Brothers, Peace in Jesus!

Margarida, the spirituality directs us, sometimes, to difficult tasks. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to accomplish them in adjustment to the great irresponsibility of the past.

Moreover, we count on fraternity of those that preceded us in sublime discoveries of wisdom.

We are permanently aided, assisted, amidst the events and consequences of the accomplished work.

Paying attention to your thought, here I am here to serve you whenever is possible in agreement with the Creator's Will.

Margarida: Thank you, my Brother! I have not special question to ask you, and yet, could you tell us on a subject of relevant importance for us and all humanity?

Kardec: That what we see and hear allow us to create mental images facilitating the understanding of your humanity's current situation.

For instance, as the child who begins his first games, making use of school material, she paints and draws colors, cuts out and sticks. Very often, with dirty hands of glue, she sticks to objects that provoke pain on that moment of separation. Like this, the attachments happen with us.

Earth beings walk distracted with illusions, images and tools presented by the Creator, for their infinite progress. When making use of "glue of attachments", they attach to something that does not belong to them. Then, full of illusions leading for shady roads, believing to be the Center of the Universe, and this, all should yield to his/her capricious will.

On this hour when all of the things look for their place in the Universal Order, all that are with imprisoned hands by glue, they will feel the pain of separation. Moreover, that what we see and hear presents us scenery of immense suffering, because the attachment to the matter is provoking countless dysfunctions in the human spiritual body. Thence, those who want to accelerate the steps toward the path of progress, they have to clean the dirty hands of glue and clean the soul of unhealthy attachment, maintain devoted to faith, study and charitable work in favor of the neighbor.

There are not coins, titles, not even family ties that determine the rescue of incarnate beings at present moment.

No dear being is responsible for the other, in the sense of granting him credentials for access the superior vibration.

No religious or scientific theory is enough to elevate the individual above the inferior frequencies that dominate the humanity on the Earth.

Only Jesus is the Road, the Truth and the Life. His Larger Presence means work in favor of the neighbor. In that manner, He came to meet us, exemplifying in His own body, the detachment in all forms and manifestations we should reach Him.

That The Peace of the Lord of the Worlds becomes the inner atmosphere, where we try to understand and accept Master Nazarene's lessons!

Margarida: So it will be, Brother!

Our team of workers is thankful to you for loved presence with us.

Of late months, the Brother started to visit us constantly. Maybe our Group, in spite of small, it is disciplined, and courageously has faced tasks with seriousness. The Brother has been cheering us with his presence encouraging us for the publication of messages that arrive and in fulfilling this humble work of love, charity and faith.

That God, our Father and Jesus, our Brother blesses you today and always.

Kardec: Jesus is among us! Go in Peace!

Allan Kardec, GESH – 02/14/09 – Psychophony – Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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