Unexpected visitors of the physical and astral planes


Clairvoyance: Last Tuesday, December 7, 2004, while we were meditating on the Group of Gnose, I saw that an octopus of small head, fine and sticky tentacles with a disgusting spittle adhered in its body, it accompanied very closely two boys and a girl. It also tried to involve our companion without success. When the three were going away, our companions of the Spiritist House - GESJ arrested the octopus in a cage.

A second black octopus was on the top of the building GESJ getting ready to attack us, but impeded by electric discharge that reached it, and was arrested too.

Someone allowed them enter in with the objective to take them prisoners.

Outside, a gigantic furious Reptilian observed everything.

Today, December 11, 2004, I see that battle between Mrs. Margarida and that Reptilian in the astral.

First, I see him eating a person unknown to me. Its mouth was dirty of blood.

Mrs. Margarida approaches and he debauchedly says, "You are weak woman and we will destroy all of you.... "

She replied "You are wrong my brother, where has Larger Force, it interrupts the smallest, you, my brother. You have this horrendous form as consequence of practicing the evil. Nevertheless, the eternity is endless and we sill defeat and arrest you in a Ship-prison and thereafter exiled in a "sterile planet" unless you yield to the Force of God."

He furiously screams attack! He judged that Mrs. Margarida was alone. She was gigantic like him, however, we were behind her and soon we were visible for him. From everywhere black, deformed beings surrounded. We were ready for battle. Mrs. Margarida struggled hand to hand with the big Reptile and other black creatures. At certain time of the fight, in a touching cry she screamed, "Fight my people!" From everywhere Workers of the Light appeared and the fight grew worsen.

Soon, Commander Setum Shenar's presence reminded me of facts related to Reptilians, especially his request so that we published on these Beings, everything about these moments.

GESH - 12/11/04 – vigil in Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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