Wake up, brothers. Do not ignore the End of the Time.


Loved disciples,

We beg Jesus blessings to strengthen your courageous spirits divulging for humanity about the Truths and Calls that the High brings to you.

The Call is urgent for those careless, ignorant, and materialistic and without love.

Great contingent of "wild spirits" arrive at the astral plane near the embodied ones increasing the violence and exposing more the fragile negligent creatures to the wild domain. Because of lack of faith, they became superficially weak and insignificant to the overpowering negative force involving them. In "cold Temples", they cannot not absorb the Sublime vibrations. The materialism dominates those minds and hearts.

Drivers of souls and their blind followers go towards the Abyss to meet the "Beast" that will take them to the exile.

Spiritists are not saved simply adopting the Spiritist Doctrine that did not get to understand yet, judging it simple manifestation of spirits for satisfaction of their own "Self". By the way, a great contingent of wrong and tormented spirits compose the leftist group bound to exile in planets similar or even inferior than the Planet Earth.

No religion will save any individual unable to practice charitable work.

Jesus and His Lessons of wisdom is the largest Code of Liberation for this humanity, and not even the Force of His Love has reached the majority.

The Abysses are overcrowded and the Ships of Rescue leave the Earth daily, full of backward spirits towards the exile.

Wake up brothers! The End of the Time is a reality you cannot ignore. Love one another and carry on working in favor of the neighbor. Jesus invites all to the transformation and follow-him towards the Earth of the Regeneration.

This is our message so that you proceed as intermediary of the Spiritist Doctrine. My brothers wakeup and break the barriers of prejudice. We are brothers, children of God in this Planet Earth.

We work with you on behalf of Jesus.

Ramatis, GESH – 12/06/08 – Vigil in Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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