Petals of Light! - 13


An incredible thing, after this third separation from of the bodies, I started to comprehend what they where speaking. I realized, by a thread that I heard the talk among them, and that the maneuver was necessary to enable me to receive the message that would come soon after. One luminous being, at my front, started to irradiate waves of soft, colored and perfumed light and from these vibrations I captivated the following:


The Great Message

"Glory to the Universal Creator.

May His Light and Love be everywhere. (1)

Dear brother, time of Earth is exhausting. It seems that the hardened hearts will not accept on time, the true notion of Peace and Fraternity necessary to interrupt the Process of the Transition, in a tragic and painful form. (2)

No miracle ponders, to call the attention of the brothers on the Planet Earth.

The seeds launched to the hearts, were considered enough. (3)

The launched process is on its way and seems to have no retrocession.

The true Love that sprouts in the hearts will be a reference point for the period of the post-transition. (4)

All this work prepared to bring you here and deliver this message is very costly.

" Do not judge yourself insignificant or of little worthy in being taking part of it, which is, unquestionably important from the sidereal point of view. You are available through physic powers and to the Father's eyes, even though if it was only for you, for an unique human being, we would develop the same task and in this case, you would not be enabled to understand how that would be wonderful to our spirits, much more, for all the humanity". (5)

The discontinuation of the production of weapons of any species and caliber by the nations would be the first step in the adoption of the peace feeling, inside the humanity's hearts.

This is the idea that should be published, to all the humanity. (6)

Go in Peace.

Glory to God for all the Eternity".

Obs.: Jesus said to us one day: "The ones that have eyes to see, that they see and ears to listen, that they listen".


Observations of the spiritual medium

1. This was emanated with such a pure and at the same time so grandiose reverence regarding the respect and love that only could leave from who was ort is with HIM.

2. Reference to the End of Times foreseen by João Evangelist - Apocalypse - confirmed by many others and widely studied by Ramatis in his work "Message of the Astral".

3. Reference to a new Messiah or to the appearance of evolved beings' in their spaceships and still a clear reference to Jesus' Gospel and of all the philosophers and wise man which anticipated Him.

4. It refers to the abusive and irresponsible action of man against nature and the saturation of the aura of the Planet with mental dejections accumulated during millenniums.

5. I place this part of the text in quotes because it is as if it was a driven personal answer to me, as mentally I questioned their gigantic work, for a humanity who has everything in their hands and does not manage to be happy, neither live in peace just because it does not want to, and because that the luminous Beings knowing everything about this, they do not get tired in reaffirming that every instant, any time, is a opportunity for spiritual renewal.

6. This point saddens me, by the few chances that I have to give wide divulgation of the message as they wish.

Finished the message, I was terrified with the possibility of forgetting her. I feel that the essential is here, as the form in which it was passed me. The ideas arrived to me as sensations of a soft and musical breeze involving my being, crossing my body.

I was brought back to the Easter Island, without having time to understand perfectly what occurred. They left me in the Island, in a region near to the "Navel of the World" and from there I was conducted back to the Center, where was my physical body, in reunion with the other companions of GER.

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