The Realm of Peace cannot be imposed


Loved brothers,

From the Mansions of the Infinite earthwards, the vibrations of love become edifying energies able to aid the humans in a restless world, which they own constructed.

The plans for the future of the humanity constitute collective Karma chosen tin the past lives. Today you must renew the values and attitudes in conviviality with all the beings and the Planet.

The Sidereal Engineers and Spiritual Governors of the Nations always attentive to the events and suffered interferences on the part of the "detractors of the Law", they try to adjust the consequences of the human choices according to the Divine Purposes.

In that sense, as one of the last resources of wakening of the people, it rises in the scenery of the physical life that who carries with itself the moral code that should translate the spiritual condition wished.

Outstanding as Leader of the most powerful Nation of the Earth based on the view of the terrestrial civilization, the moral code represents the "spotlight" that shortly will illuminate the world in a serious moral-spiritual crisis between the Power of the Good and the Forces of the Evil.

We ask for those sensitive beings mindful of that hour that address their prayers to the Father supplicating His Blessings daily, so that all members of GFBU and the feeling of hope motivates for more time the renovation of human beings.

Little time will stay, if the own humanity does not understand the efforts on the part of Superior Entities in sending them lots of opportunities of renewal.

It is necessary a positive attitude of Goodness.

A man cannot repair a nation that does not want to be corrected.

On that hour, it is necessary that all of the nations join in prayer for the redemption of a people, whose pride and greed can commit, definitively, the humanity's progress.

The realm of peace cannot be imposed despotically, but should be expression of the peace in each inhabitant.

May God bless us forever!

Ramatis, GESH – 11/08/08 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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