Other victory against the Darkness


We greet you on behalf of the Light.

In fact, it was an important victory of the Light against the ignorance and the darkness.

Many workers of this spiritist Center contributed so much for the success in that confrontation, which surprised many that thought that to adjust with Divine Law, it was unnecessary faults and dogmas, just the goodwill of getting right the steps towards the path of Jesus.

Goodwill and sincere desire of self-renewal, effort and voluntary work are main ingredients so that one meets Superior Beings that will impel them to the right road.

The dedicated workers in this Spiritist Center always in search for progress, they contribute very much for the victory of the Light against the Darkness.

Jesus spills His infinite Love on all of us and impels each one, in matter, towards their own redemption.

All are equally important for consolidation of peace and harmony in the Earth.

Each woke up beings can reduce the black side and strengthens Christ's Army. Therefore, the dedicated workers of this spiritist House have done so much so that great contingent of volunteers performed many activities, independently of the geographical area. They just wanted to work in favor of the "Light," not importing their spiritual graduation.

Congratulations! The victory is ours on behalf of God.

Jesus always encourages us to take the path of spiritual progress.

John Baptist, (current Mentor of GESJ)

GESJ – 05/12/0 – Psychophony – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note: During the last battle, we had the support of two groups commanded by two important leaders of the Umbanda, already disincarnate, old friends of ours that continue working hard at Christ's vineyard.

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