Our words come from our last incarnation


Loved brothers,

It is a great joy to share with you this work, and with other noble brothers whose hearts are examples we must put into practice every day.

We send our words for those conscious or unconscious brothers honored with the gift of the mediumship, as instrument of progress in present existence.

Ob behalf of God, we ask you for not reject the blessed opportunity of enlightenment for your souls.

Firstly, try to understand the mediumship, before refuting it.

You are special servants honored with talent for hearing and of seeing besides material world.

Receive lovingly the talent granted you for helping suffering brothers begging for your help. God of All Wisdom would never grant you a condition above your forces; and if, sometimes, you are uncontrolled and frightened, it is because lacks the humility, obedience and discipline of make good use of edifying fluids destined for to aid, comfort, orientate the less balanced ones than you.

Elevate your thoughts to Jesus begging discernment, understanding and acceptance of your own mission in this world, so that you answer to the imperative of serving sincerely and like this strengthen your Spirits.

You can stop the cycle of pains and sufferings, through the work that redeems, corrects and adjusts before of Divine Law.

Receive lovingly the knowledge, as result of the work on the part of those more evolved than you are, and so, renovate your spirits. Invest on doctrinal studies, mainly moral renewal, so that other brothers also know and experience the kindness that elevates the creatures, as rightists of Christ.

We wish Peace, Kindness, Justice and Love among all creatures!

We are fraternal spirits protecting all of you.

Margarida: Who are you?

Chico: I am Chico, brother of yours.

Margarida: then, I was sure.

Chico: sooner, our sister becomes a medium. (laughter)

Margarida: a few minutes ago, I was thinking about our next booklet entitled "Chico and the Mediumship" with several messages, you have presented to GESJ.

Thank you, dear Brother! This Spiritist House is yours.

Chico: With great joy, we kneel down before Master Jesus who guides Master Ramatis, the Mentor of yours.

Since you consider our humble words of past lives granted by Emmanuel and other noble spirits helped me so much all of my life, as incarnate, able to help other brothers moving onward their own spiritual enlightenment, then divulge them.

We are only one family working in favor of suffering brothers to find Jesus, The Road, Truth and Life.

We wish Peace and kindness in all hearts!

May Jesus bless us!

Margarida: Amen, my Brother!

Chico Xavier, GESH – 02/14/09 – Psychophony - Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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