The human insanity


I close my eyes and see a ship like a plate very colored over us.

Ami, and extraterrestrial friend speaks as follows.

"Peace on Jesus.

So sad, we the future of terrestrial children based on the current apprenticeship on earth.

We realize that their karma as spirits in debt spirits with the Divine Law, provoke deviations and sufferings. However, the human insanity has reached the highest levels and allowed the infantile slavery in all the senses: drugs, violence, wars, and abuses of all types.

The human mind no more distinguishes the limits of such insanity.

Will be a collective madness?

Surely, there is systematic distance regarding the Universal Laws that allow evolution of all creatures and Planets.

Poor fellows! They will discover the mistake of wrong choices too late.

The children only in the New Land will find the Peace wanted.

Peace and love.

Ami, an extraterrestrial child, Friend of GESJ

GESH – 02/27/02 – Vigil in Itaparica - Vila Velha, ES - Brazil

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