The carbonized sun will finally announce the end


Clairvoyance / Astral Travel:

We entered in a Spaceship.

I was surprised to be in our cars, inside of the starship, since it had never happened before.

We were invited to leave the car and we put ourselves close to viewfinders or screens that allowed us to see the sidereal space.

At distance, we saw a rectangle was made in the space, close the Earth. The rectangle was a dimensional Portal by which we penetrated.

In front of us, a vast burned field appeared. A bomb (atomic) had fallen on that place. It was in the USA. Everything was desolation, wreckage, burned bodies, black smoke.

I see within the American Continent, Venezuela and Colombia, in civil war.

Europe was in disorder, people on the street, contentions, dissatisfactions and the same black smoke in the air.

Africa showed high temperatures and deaths.

The oceans seemed to be red and agitated.

A red and opaque sun covered with stranger black smoke maintained a gray, dark day.

All over the Planet, the black smoke formed a very dense "black net" which "threads" were thicker in some places.

At the end of the clairvoyance, everything was desolation, smoke and death.

I already heard the communicating being speaking, but the images were so impressive and real that only later, deeply touched, I started to write his words:

The black net involving the Planet represents the materialization of the Beast's thought.

The Army of Light should exert efforts to keep it unharmed by that powerful "black net" that invades the Planet, ignoring borders, races or religions.

The Evil surpasses the Good in the human hearts. The inferior feelings from human hearts and minds nourish the "black net".

The war between Light and Darkness is constant and uninterrupted, and the first victory will be in hearts desiring to get free from the rude attitudes of the Worlds of Atonement.

It will be the victory on each creature’s inner instincts, victory on freedom of the inferior tendencies that gradually are going changing their garments and strengthening the Forces of redemption of the Light.

Battles on that hour, day or night, anything acts in those battlefields between attacks and defenses, traps and constant ambushes to the Nuclei of Light and respective representatives, in both planes of life.

The wars take place constant, but any instant, the Planet will reach its integral peace.

On that moment, Nations face battles internally or with other Nations, supplying and strengthening the "Net of the Evil" on earth, born of the Beast's will. This, in spite of threatened due to the reduction of its army and presence of the Light so close, it still thinks to triumph and to subdue Planet, banishing the children of the Lamb, turning off the Sunshine that maintains the fire of life.

Desolation and poverty, violence and cruelty are its domain force. Its fetid and poisoned breath contaminates everything it touches and, allied the devastation of the Planet by the human being; it modifies and disturbs the growth all over the world.

Brothers, painful and difficult are the days of the Apocalypse!

The "great selection" already happens, wheat and darnel are defined, and the Planet ignoring the human contentions, it moves accelerated to new dimension that must cure its pains and relieve its heavy bale, the cruel and sanguinary beings that housed in its breast for thousands of years.

Do not stop your walk because of small disputes; endeavor to forgive and love, giving a jump to own evolution.

Abandon the inertia that maintains you attached to the inferior dimensions. Neither anything nor nobody will intervene on your choices, but the whole universe will impel you, if you choose the road of regeneration.

The Father's Love sustains you; His Son’s Love drives you.

Meanwhile, the images of the war and smoke in the planet are clearer.

He continues:

The very dry land no more will germinate the fruits.

The wars will devastate the Earth, dropping borders and carbonizing the bodies.

Many will go mad, deprived of the faith that everything faces and supports.

The water shortage will be reason for larger confrontations among Nations.

Few will remember God, because most deprived of faith will be subdued by the Darkness.

Nothing else will be possible to do the faithful beings that to submit lowly to the Major Purposes, struggling for the sinuous trail of freedom

The carbonized sun will give the last alert that the end approaches.

The darnel will be burned; the wheat will ascend.

Nostradamus, GESH – 08/15/08/09 - Vigil in Pedra Azul/ES – Brazil.

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