Exchange transactions put upon love to the Planetary House



Blessed be the Planetary Christ!

We again meet you for the rescue of "little beings" (Elementals) of the forests, air and water agonizing due to the greed and depredation in their habitat.

Due to the exchange transactions put upon the love to the "Planetary House", many Star Beings that are studying the planet Earth at distance, they sorry the lack of love and of conscience to the environmental preservation where they live.

As you know, we are responsible for recovering needed "little brothers." Because of that, we are visiting your House (GESJ) likewise other areas of the planet with a view to create supporting bases and training for this slow and delicate kind of work.

Due to the accumulation of catastrophes happened at short intervals, the "Elementals" sorry the loss of their habitat and then needing be rescued.

We will be present until there is not only one presence of human, animal or Elemental.

Since the Governor of your Planet and of Commander Ashtar Sheram allowed, we can communicate, therefore is unusual the presence of our group, even if the group in the Astral agree with our ideal.

It is a pleasure to meet you.

That Christ Planetarium's peace involves all of us.

Thereafter, he continued the message:

We will take advantage of the Group’s harmony likewise the vibration of the mantra for our works. The human energy enables us the work at dense planes and the rescue of more beings here in Pedra Azul.

Crypton (Extraterrestrial).

GESH – 08/15/09 - Vigil Pedra Azul/ - Domingos Martins/ES – Brazil.

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