Life pulses in all dimensions invisible to your material senses



When compiling the Doctrine of the Spirits, I donated my life for fulfilling the mission, scheduled much earlier than I imagined, in order giving renewed pulse to terrestrial humanity.

However, having denied the Divine Messenger crucifying Him, ruthlessly, a new glimpse of hope shone in the hearts of Superior Beings, that the humanity would awaken up to hear the voices of dear beings of the earth in their life...

However, as the work of God does not rest on the shoulders of only one man, others would continue their tasks of strengthen the precious message of the invisible plane.

Despite the favorable psychological moment for humanity to receive the voices of spirits, the brothers of humanity using their free will, once again wrong in their choices. Choices attached to the lies of the secular sectarian churches, for listening to voices of spirits, to believe in their words demands renovating action toward others and practice of unforgettable Lessons of Jesus' Gospel.

After unsealing the curtains of the planetary cycle of atonement and tests, we have evidence that humanity did not take the extraordinary lessons that the "Heaven" sent them for own ascension.

The work of the Hosts of Good for awakening of the human consciences. It is dynamic and continuous, but at this stage of separation of tares and wheat, the widespread knowledge of life beyond the matter is of minor importance, because the creatures of the "final planetary cycle" attached to the ignoble mud of crimes, and should be assisted and protected, to waken to the basic notions of life.

Brothers, life pulsates in all dimensions invisible to your material senses. Remove degrading feelings of your souls and let shine the light of renewal through love to the neighbor. Begin practicing the Gospel of Jesus so that you reach the doors of Regeneration.

To born, grow, die, be reborn again, this is the Law that no one can abstain, be in the Worlds of Atonement and Proofs or in the Worlds of Regeneration.

Hail Jesus, the Divine Messenger who all leads.

Allan Kardec, GESJ – 10/06/09 - Public Meeting – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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