He who desires progress must remove masks


The passions flame, the minds are disturbed, tearing the hearts!

Brothers, however larger the healing power of the friends who are eagerly devoted to you, they cannot heal the wounds that permanently, you insist on leaving opened, acting in total disagreement with the Laws inspired in the Creator's Perfection.

You are responsible for damages caused to human collectivities in this planet. A lot of voices echo in the space, cross the atmosphere and in search of our names: "Masters", you call us! Nevertheless, is of the silence that you need. The silence that will allow not hear the voices of the passions that flame in your intimate, corroding the force and the will of progressing.

There is no cure, if the patient does not wish it, if he/she does not mobilize the intimate forces of self-reform. We are just messengers of the Divine Love, messengers of the Creation, but we cannot operate miracles and to transform what you do not want transform.

You are begging revelations, cures, and elevations, and so close to you are the tools able to move you forward on the scale of the progress. You delegate the responsibility of self-control to the Masters. We are not who you think, we do not act as the infantile mind supposes. Make your part and the vibrations so that the highest vibrations involve you, and our vibrations emitted in favor of this humanity will reach you too.

Each one of us drives his/her spiritual family, however, we do not dare to infringe the Laws and we respected the free will.

That those creatures desirous of progress remove their masks, and in front of the mirror is recognized in their identity, leaving for reconstruction of new man abandoning whatever is heavy. Only then will reach the blessings that so much implore and want.

Who speaks to you, in the name of love is the

Master Saint Germain (GFBU).

Thank you, Master Saint Germain for friendly presence and words of wisdom.

We try to follow them, begging the Father strength and courage to proceed.

Jesus is the Road, the Truth and the Life.


GESH, 05/09/09 – Psychophony/Festival of Wesak – Praia Grande/ES – Brazil.

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