Master Ramatis = Kuthumi answering to several questions: Part I


Blessed is the Force of Love that gathered you in this spiritual family!

On behalf of the Planetary Christ, we are here with you, for instructions necessary about this period of planetary transition.

My brothers, in the name of the Light, you have to be ready to bring comfort and hope to the human hearts, explaining the disturbed and darkened minds due to the material passions.

The events deflagrated by the human presence in this planet will not go back.

No matter how much they wake up the human beings, their late actions will be unable to break the process of planetary cleaning, initiated voluntarily. The Law of Progress says that once in course the events of the planetary cleaning, no more will go back.

This humanity must develop for necessary the separation between the wheat from the tares, because on that hour, no more compatible are vibratory levels on Earth. For that reason, the messages, instructions and orientations come to you from everywhere.

It is imperative to face the difficulties now.

Let the seeds thrown in your hearts, to become a large garden of perfumed flowers and spread to your terrestrial brothers, the perfume of the knowledge, for the imprudent and forgotten about the Divine Laws so that they wake up, therefore it is the Creator's Will that the Light reach all humanity.

The suffering reaching the creatures does come from His Heart of kindness and perfection. He sends the Blessed Workers to soften the pains planted by the human beings, infantile minds and hearts immersed in passions.

Brothers! Do not let doubts grow in your intimate. Work in favor of the peace, kindness and love, taking to each creature the knowledge that you have, as only chance for many brothers on that hour of rescue. Do not cultivate the negligence, disregard and disbelief of having received from Hosts of Light, the sublime knowledge that frees, however you kept if in your heart, afraid to share it with other brothers.

Everything that comes to you at this hour of pain, it is important tool of redemption, renewal and progress for all creatures. Therefore, do to come to them, so that they can, finally recognize the Creator's Magnanimous Presence, taking care of each creature of His Creation.

Move away the bad thoughts. Pains will come yes and reach everyone, and each harvest of our karma will comply with the Law. However, do not let the revolt and anguish inhabit in your heart. Take advantage of the suffering to change the negative polarity present in your souls, impelling the force of the good in intimacy of each one. We bring these words you for think about them.

Dear brothers, now, we are at disposal to answer your questions.

It continues....

Master Ramatis, GESH – 11/02/09 - Psychophony – Olinda/PE – Brazil.

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