Tired of the practice of the evil


Clairvoyance: I saw a "man-beast" arriving with a group of more or less 40-50 people, suffering spirits arrested each other by chains and the "man-beast" holding a chain controlling the whole group.

They were exhausted and panting due to the effort.

The "man-beast" knelt down, outside the circle, and said to Mrs. Margarida:

- I brought for you these slaves to be freed.

I do not want to remain like this.

They arrested my mother. They promised that would not touch her.

They arrested my mother!

After saying that, he fainted.

He seemed exhausted of fighting to free those people. I do not know where they came from. Afterwards a big "bus" arrived and, the Workers of the Light put each prisoner into the transport, now entirely free from chains and slavery, because as touching the first step to getting on the bus, the chains fall on the ground.

Finally, they caught the "Beast" fainted, and placed it on a stretcher.

Who is it? From where came? - I asked, but no answer.

GESH – 11/21/09 - Vigil in Pedra Azul/ES – Brazil.

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