Is it going to happen?


Listen to the call of the Light!

After several warnings about the "final moments" this humanity still refuses to change their path, staying in low vibration.

Suddenly comes the sounding of the trumpets.

My brothers, disbelief and lack of faith in the purposes of God continue reigning among the majority of people.

We see with regret a deep disregard concerning the spiritual content that incites them to the inner reform.

We see despair and unbalanced deeply rooted in "to have," "to be" and "it is mine!

How many times we informed on "Rescue", "Three Days of Darkness", "Exile", and "Planetary Transition" and you still insist on asking: "is going to happen?"

We tell you that it will not happen. It is happening!

Do you want more evidence to attest the death of your Planet?

Do not fall into the illusion that, the situation in which you live now, "things" will get better. The medicine is bitter and you must sip it with resignation and courage. We do not know the day and hour of the "Great Moment."

Work, study and be patient, every day in the Divine Vineyard.

Go ahead as if today were the last day of your journey. However, pay close attention: do not interpret these in a mundane sense, but in the sense that you are responsible for the feelings, words and actions, which you produce.

Dear brothers, time will come to you face alone suffering days in the whole Planet.

Our presence will be reduced watched for short or long time. It does not matter. The most important is trust in the Father and us, because we will be always looking after our terrestrial brothers, despite the foolish idea that we have abandoned them.

The load of energy will be denser than it is today. Thus, in those days, we will keep away, because we do not deserve to receive the discharge of negative vibrations of your Orb.

Unhappily were the majority of terrestrial people that produced and perpetuated those harmful vibrations. Thence, it is correct that those people get back what produced.

"To each person, according to his merit" said the Master Nazarene, however few brothers practice them. If they practiced the largest commandment, if they loved God and the neighbor, they would never go through so much suffering.

Only love, forgiveness, faith and charity save. There is no other resource.

Blessed be the Light!

Blessed be Master Jesus!

Elsim, our intraterrestrial brother of Stelta.

GESH – 11/21/09 - Vigil in Pedra Azul/ES – Brazil.

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