Hard days are coming


The Future: I used to see scenes of pain and suffering in urban centers, during "Three Days Darkness". Today, however, the scenes related to this period, they were directed to rural areas, not identifying accurately the place.

First, I saw many cars leaving from the cities, going inward. Roads were closed due to the collapse of several cliffs. In some parts of the roads were formed deep craters due to the torrential rains. I could read in the people's mind, the feeling of frustration, since they thought as best alternative to abandon the city toward inland. However, after verifying that the catastrophe also reached the rural areas, the panic and despair hit them. They could not go back, but should stay in that place and accept what would happen.

Next time, I saw groups of people abandoning their houses in rural regions, in a terrified rush and without direction, all in total despair and imbalance. The acid rain burned crops and animals, not remaining anything; some light posts, due to the strong wind, fell over the houses that were flooded by muddy waters; the streams flooded mixed to the rivers, forming an immense flowing water and carrying everything.

After that episode, I saw the prison in Viana/ES, at a time that preceded the "Three Days of Darkness", when the prisoners completely crazy and angry fled in search of blood and meat to satiate them. They left the cells breaking grates, pushing and trampling over anyone around amidst of tremendous noise and shouting.

Finally, they reached the edge of the road and immediately went in search of human blood and meat.

GESH – 11/21/09 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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