Each disembodied spirit takes with him tendencies and addictions



It is important to disseminate thoughts in harmony with minds that created them.

Nowadays, the Hospital-school of the "Colonia Servos de Jesus" shelters countless spirits who had their health committed by ignorance in actions and tasks.

Each disembodied spirit brings in itself tendencies and obstacles in order to face solve and overcome them, however, vast majority just follow their instincts, which only convince themselves.

It was reasonable after death, those spirits face difficult situation, since they had postponed the necessary confrontation that put themselves in troubles larger than their obligations.

It is the liver imbalanced by the use of uncontrollable inadequate food; the lungs hardened by excessive toxins; the kidneys fail in filtering the body liquids, and other organs resentful fail in operation.

In all of them, a common line is a flaccid mind due to lack of exercise indispensable for self-control.

Thus reincarnates again the candidate for happiness, with the purpose of dealing with addictions, seeking freedom coming too late.

Gathered as "groups of mutual help", such spirits still immersed in lower vibrations, they will take some time to be connected to a World of Regeneration.

However, those whose desire already overcame the addictions and begin mental and cellular reorganization, those are ready, through the work, to control their rebellion, while rendering concrete, even too late, the work of regeneration in other advanced worlds.

Brothers, do not save efforts to free you from addictions; do not fear your destiny before them: face deeply them in order to recover your perispirits.

Thoughts, feelings and attitudes compose the ingredients that once mixed together result in consequences, which you are not able to evaluate yet. Thus, do not be discouraged thinking far away from the liberation, nor judge you above the others, because you are free from addictions.

Remember that they are among the most visible, invisible ones, but, invariably, you are all spirits, under spiritual development, and strengthening of mind of mind that you must start the self-control, in facing and overcoming them.

Peace to all.

John the Baptist, GESJ - 06/09/09 - Public Meeting - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

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