The Master of Love still takes care of us


Brothers, peace and kindness involve you.

Having the light as inheritance left by Master Jesus, the contemporary man has tools necessary to transform their reality.

Once constituted of matter, it is not just matter, but in procedure acts if were it.

Forgetting the immaterial part of which is done, he looks at the world blindly and see a distorted reality.

He takes for real what is unreal, and vice versa.

Master's words brought by His Loving Heart are like contact lenses able to correct the vision of sick souls.

The further from Him, larger is the blindness, the closer to Him, minor deviations of vision.

The Master of Love also takes care of every one of us, and He will come back as many think. He remains with us as promised, inspiring our spirits toward progress.

Following His steps, not the magnificence of spiritual power, but submitted to the Divine Laws, we will reach Him, wrapped with His breeze of Pure Love protecting all in faith and hope.

The stronger is the pain that makes difficult to raise the mind to the Creator, to remind of His words comforting our hearts, and submitting us to suffering and begging Him to heal the sick souls. This is an attitude of love to His Will.

Christmas is time of celebrating Christ's arrival. His message, more than the material gifts must be in human hearts, for not forget the true sense of the immense sacrifice of that Sublime Spirit, in diving into physical world to illuminate us the roads.

When giving less importance to the matter, the eyes seek the spirit in order to understand himself in temporary visit at school of redemption school and liberation.

Luiz Sérgio, GESH – 12/05/09 – Vitória/ES – Brazil.

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