Join in prayer, not for me, but for poor children


Peace in Christ!

My spiritualistic brothers that work in favor of Love know how I acted to disseminate the Third Revelation.

I am a humble and diligent worker in fulfilling the spiritual work what does not make me Saint or deserve idolatry by some brothers.

Follow the examples left by Beloved Master and not in this worker still in search of overcoming his mistakes of formerly.

Join in prayer, not for me, but for the children that today suffer mistreatments and abuses in their fragile bodies.

Help the mothers who see their children immersed in additions and removing them the will of living.

I would have the best gift if I could see the seeds planted in the spiritual field giving good fruits.

Honors or recognition due to my actions in the Spiritual World is not consistent with the work of helping suffering souls every day, through the Rescue Parties.

Turn this homage into help to the suffering brothers so that the spirit shines and the bale becomes lighter.

Peace and Light to you.

Chico, GESH – 03/27/10 – Vigil in Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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