The charitable work requires detachment, renouncement and discipline


Astral travel: a spatial ship with Intraterrestrials of Stelta was above GESJ.

As Mediums and Instructors after entering in the spaceship, one intraterrestrial brother came to explain us about the activities, which ASJ should perform in helping the other people before an imminent catastrophe.

He told us that the whole City of Stelta is already receiving disembodied and embodied spirits so that learn how to behave to rescue other people.

Here are the words captured of our Brother of Stelta:

Blessed be the Light!

Blessed be Jesus!

Brothers, you were invited to another rescue, because will have few rescue points in the physical plane, on those moments of larger number of catastrophes in your Globe.

You are being prepared to accomplish the aid, in agreement with the reality in which you live.

Do not worry about what will lack you, therefore the love and dedication may supply the resources and demand for needy brothers around you.

The charitable work requires detachment, renouncement and discipline. It ups to you, before assuming this task, to think what our Superior Brothers, Intraterrestrials and Extraterrestrials have been transmitting you and, then decide in a safe way.

The hard work is not imposed, but another gift for your progress, in such a short time.

Jesus is our Eternal Shepherd, leading to the Father's House.

Follow His Light, confident and calm, and all fear will dissipate.

Blessed be Peace!

Blessed be Love!

Being of Stelta City, GESJ - 03/09/10 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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