Travel to a Sterile Planet


Some of my seven bodies were taken to a Sterile Planet. Now, I cannot tell you which body and how it arrived there. I only remember that I felt dizziness after larger efforts in order not lose the contents of the astral travel. When I began walking through the arid and stony land of the planet, I noticed a long line of human beings that would incarnate there. I saw many extraterrestrial brothers checking the exiled spirits arrived and respective destination.

It occurred rapidly. I could not see details, such as name, date, sex and region and so on. I only knew they were Beings highly evolved answering for process of reincarnation of spirits exiled or banished.

I also noticed that all those spirits could not make choices, or suggest on their new existences, whereas they were rebellious and cruel spirits. Some of them seemed to have their movements completely paralyzed, where only listened to the heart pulsation. of the heart. Moreover, they no longer had human form.

GESH – 01/30/10 – Vigil Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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