We work together with Extraterrestrial Brothers


Clairvoyance: during the mantra at 12 PM, I observed a man approaching to me and in a low voice; he talked to me in French. He wanted to communicate, and I told him:

"My brother, I cannot understand French. Could you talk in Portuguese, please?"

I also asked him to introduce himself. He told me his name was Louis Pasteur.

Soon after the mantra, he brought the following message, in Portuguese:

Greetings, sisters.

I apologize for the communication. I am not good at this kind of work mediumistic communication).

I and many other scientist friends were attracted by the Master Ramatis's analytical and fast mind, whom we know as Pythagoras ¹.

Our work today differs a little from the field in which we acted once, although we did not stand back of whole science, whereas the "spirit" is always an object of study, we work together, with "extraterrestrial brothers" in maintaining organic and mineral, which compose the Earth.

It is a complex work. I will not go on, for not having simple words to express myself or need to do it.

After approaching of you today, it was a great joy to see through Margarida, the logical mind oaf our old friend.

Now, together, we are struggling for same purpose and so it will be all the way.

Jesus bless us.

Pasteur, Louis ² GESH – 03/13/10 – Vigil in Jacaraipe/ES – Brazil.

Note ¹ - Pythagoras was one of Master Ramatis's incarnations.

Note ² - Pasteur, Louis – French Chemist, Physicist and Microbiological. He was born on December 27, 1822, in Dole in France. He died on September 28, 1895, in Villeneuve I'Étang, France.

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