Few temporary workers for so many needy


Dear daughters,

Renew daily your vote of confidence to Jesus Christ Jesus and renew your feelings always according His Lessons, because the tasks intensify more and more. Battles almost daily call to your spirits longing for progress, discipline and obedience to the Divine Laws so that you get in touch with the Superior Spirits who lead the destiny of the Earth.

Tasks increase more and more in both planes of life due to intense and constant collective deaths, but also due to thousands of beings of darkness that fall in the battlefields. These beings of darkness also are rescued, identified and directed to the destiny deserved. All this is accomplished in a short time, battle after battle. Moreover, there are few temporary workers, compared to the large number of needy.

Jesus does not fail with His Presence of Love and Light. Devoted to His love, we must continue working and loving to everyone.

We are with you today and always.

Shama Hare, GESH – 01/29/01/10 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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