They attach to the letter and forget the Spirit that vivifies


Sisters in Christ,

The childishness of the people does not affect us so much than the persistence and rebelliousness of loved ones.

To celebrate my name was already event foreseen by the Superior Spirituality for those who we serve.

In the course of time, embodied brothers feel larger need to worship someone or something that gives them spiritual comfort and a certain vibration of faith, since the catastrophic events in the physical plane will put everyone face to face with bitter pain and suffering.

As childish and stagnated in failed dogmas, they will seek more intensely to worship idols to transfer their anguish and affliction.

Each one is in the evolutionary stage deserved. It does not matter that through me, simple and ignorant, the superior Spirituality has revealed to waken the brothers in humanity. They attach to the letter, i.e. my person, and forget the Spirit that vivifies the admirable lessons of the Superior World.

Jesus is with us. Let us follow Him.

Chico Xavier, GESH – 03/27/10 – Vigil in Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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