Seek and find answers, comfort, orientation and hope


Brothers, it is disturbing the psychological moment of "planetary transition". Hence, the merit of those that have chosen that "key reincarnation" as proof and atonement, they get ready to overcome the pain resulting from this confrontation, thought the faith and trust in God.

Ruler of the whole Universe, the Creator will never submit His children to suffering above their capacity to overcome their inner affliction.

Complacency, son of selfishness and pride impede the creature moves in the search of self-knowledge and harmony with superior minds that inhabit the realms of light and so staying in obscurity of dense world and its subsequent vibratory bands. Thence comes fear, despair and madness.

There is no lack of antidotes for those diseases of souls. According to divine determination in the chronological construction and development of facts, the Spirits Doctrine launched to the humanity by Master Kardec and consolidated by his followers has prepared the psychic atmosphere, so that you could understand the present stage in which you live.

Before the "Promised Consoler", He also was among us, delegating us with His Life and Sublime Lessons, as indispensable tools of transformation to sublimate the difficulties of the moment.

Seek and you will find answers, comfort, orientation and hope.

Knock at the door and windows of enlightenment that will open to you.

Let us love God above all things, trusting in His Providence and offering ourselves for construction of His Kingdom.

Let us also love the neighbor as ourselves, forgiving those that hurt us and always aiding without distinction or condition.

We are always following your still torpid steps; confident that God’s Love will impel you to the progress already glimpsed.

With love,

Joanna of Angelis, GESH - 02/02/10 - Public Meeting – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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