Passion and vices enslave humans


Sisters, we greet you on behalf of God.

To relieve consciences through addiction or suicide is still the road found by this humanity. They do not get to break the pernicious instincts that have been keeping their spirits immersed in inferior areas, for millennia.

The current humanity has been repeating the same mistakes for millennia in both planes of life always vibrating in the same pernicious and delayed bands.

From where we are the crowd, we realize that few souls get break away from retrograde collectivities reluctant in mistake, evil and vices.

The efforts of Superior Spirituality are increasingly intense to awaken the brothers from foolish illusion in which they live and, in order to accept the practice of Jesus' Lessons as only path of liberation.

Passion and vices of the soul are difficult to free themselves and these, in turn, enrich themselves in the atmospheres in which travel.

Victims and hangmen of all time stay attached to inferior planes and we sorry that only the exile will separate them.

Brothers, let us love Jesus and practice His Lessons.

To serve is to love. To love is to serve.

Priest Germane, GESH – 07/17/10 - Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

Note: Read that brother's life in the book: Memoirs of Priest Germane.

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