Nothing may occurs than Father's Will


Hail the Force! Hail the Light!

Blessed be Divine Lord Jesus!

Brothers, the intraterrestrial world is shown to the terrestrial world, and the Divine Planning foresees the interlacement of "both worlds" for the Advent of New Age.

The intraterrestrial civilization in communion with Humans of the Earth’s surface will form a new civilization, the Regeneration Earth (Renewed Earth).

The presence of the most evolved Beings giving pulse to a civilization that begins, it is told in the history of your Planet, in several civilizations that have projected themselves in knowledge and benefits to humanity, staying for all time.

Then, the new humanity will receive, no more from Extraterrestrials, but from Intraterrestrials, the technological, moral and spiritual knowledge, as foundations for new humanity.

The extraterrestrial brothers will be in constant communion with the New Humanity and united by ties of love and fraternity may construct a New World replete of harmony and peace, where all races, creeds and languages may live peacefully.

Ignorance ceases to exist about the intraterrestrial, extraterrestrial and invisible worlds.

Humans of new civilization will be able to develop knowledge, love to elevate more, and more themselves as immortal spirit.

Only one people.

Only one race.

Only one God.

It will have Peace and union among different peoples.

Glimpse the future with mind and heart in the construction of the Renewed Earth.

Difficulties to reach it, they are multiple and intense to combat ignorance and evil seeking to destroy or subdue the entire Planet.

At this time there is union of purposes among Servants of Christ and brother of "other galaxies" and from "interior of the Earth", but still have prejudice and doubt in those who serve Christ, and many will not get to reach the Portals of Regeneration.

Let us wait with laborious hands and renewed faith, the present and future events for the materialization of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Sufferings multiply and the moral pain devastates the doors of terrestrial homes; however, those who believe in God’s purposes, they know, since they support the suffering resigned, they will reach the balm of the superior planes.

Wheat and tares together on Earth face the difficulties of "end of times"; the fight fields are defined and Beasts attack merciless for not leaving the Planet. Blood and hate mixed compose the scenery of terror of "Doomsday."

Remain vigilant and with renewed faith, because the attacks increase against you. Nothing may occur than Father's Will that guides and protects us.

Cultivate union, work and faith.

Blessed be Lord Jesus!

Nefertiti, GESH – 07/31/10 – Vigil in Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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