Vampires are invading the Earth’s surface


In the depths of human conscience, in the registers of the subconscious are stored and latent, knowledge and emotions not tamed, or not forgiven; and once activated by any external event, in the physical or astral plane, they may erupt in the conscious, provoking in the creature, the most unusual or violent reactions.

The practice of vampirism had its hey-day in the history of humanity for centuries. Forgotten by the modern man, but as real fact was filed in the secret recesses of the soul.

The activation of the "negative portals" through which evade hateful and cruel creatures, besides the vampires, to less dense planes, invade the terrestrial crust to satiate their inexhaustible thirst for blood.

They are worshipped by macabre minds that ignore their destructive power and coldness of heart, which pulsates through the energy of others beings, without permission.

As in all of the situations, the antidote to face the evil is own intimate reform referred to the emotions, feelings and negative inclinations, and development of faith that transforms and strengths the creature.

Group of vampires freed from inferior planes attacks this humanity and they have managed to strengthen themselves through the intense incentive of bloodshed of victims no so innocent, but careless and faithless.

The diabolical creatures are associated with the "Beings of Darkness" that act on Earth and drag thousands of beings to satiate their deadly blood-sucking desires.

The Army of Light has been defeating the vampires, through the programmed actions of confrontations and fights, but the human beings' incautious mind has been attracting them more and more to their conviviality, as vulnerable prays to their sharp teeth.

Unhappily, the humanity disagrees in their existence and strength, but attracts them with their sanguinary actions and worships them in their hearts, because they think the vampires have power of immortality where wish in the physical plane with large fortunes.

You are denying Christ when you worship the Darkness.

Brothers wake up and revalue your moral and spiritual values, choosing to be rightist or leftist of Christ, because this is the moment of choice and exile.

At this apocalyptic hour, your immortal souls have the final choice for ascension or fall, exile or regeneration.

Everyone will make their choices wherever they are, the Father who everything can, He will drive you from darkness for to light, since you want it.

Housing in the heart, the fear and doubt regarding God and His Emissaries, the creatures have nowhere to seek the strength to combat the evil in itself, and in the defense against the constant attacks from darkness to humanity.

The merits and demerits of each being put him/her more vulnerable or invisible to the darkness, however, it depends on each children of God, to struggle for liberation of inferior worlds to reach the highest planes.

Blessed be Jesus who is our Master and Guide who sustains all today and always.

Count Rochester, GESH – 08/20/10 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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