Rebelliousness is the Creatures´ wrong choice


Dear daughters,

May the Peace and love, kindness and fraternity be among you!

The Beast's echoes reflect throughout the Earth.

With his/her wounded heart for feeling pulling back, and realize that the "children of the Lamb" are already "camped" around, the Beast is anxious for feeling the change taking place and moving his/her "tomb" toward less dense plans.

As is expected, the Beast does not admit interferences coming from rebel ones; and his/her hate centuple against Jesus and His Emissaries.

There are not obstacles against the Father’s Larger Power. His Laws are accomplished and those who do not accept Superior Dictates will be sent for vibratory strips, which have chosen to live.

The Belt of Light that involves and sustains the Earth’s agonizing transition from a dimension to another has accelerated its vibrations and the advent of the regeneration approaches more and more.

The hate spills out on the Planet and the apparent calm is replaced into clamors of help and the gnashing of teeth will increase ever more alarming.

Men doubting of Celestial Hosts to protect them, they will throw themselves into the darkness, thinking that their power can save them.

Nothing happens besides plans established by Superior Laws, but the rebelliousness is the creatures' wrong choice.

Pray and watch.

Yours faithfully,

Ramatis, GESH - 09/03/10 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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