Knowledge and Love


Brothers, the knowledge is just one wing of wisdom, the other is the love, one of the most difficult achievements of the soul.

By the knowledge, the human creature put itself in a delicate condition, subjects to acquire superiority level over their similar brothers and mainly over the different ones.

By the knowledge, humans quickly reaches the top of pride, cultivating the childish primary sense, thinking to be superior that other creatures, when in fact, more resembles each other to the earthworm, that walking through the wet soil, sees to appear in front of them, an abandoned termitary and crawling reaches its top.

The intellect grows through the acquisition of the knowledge, but the spirit grows through the application of this knowledge, which leads to the love.

Love grows as feeling disconnected from knowledge, in so far as to reveal itself; it requires attitudes, often inexplicable before the reason.

It is pardon before the infamous reaction of the other.

It is tolerance before the suffered offense.

It is compassion before the suffering ones.

It is charity, maximum expression of compassion.

It is the patience teaches to wait the right time for each thing.

It is humility looking for anonymous redeeming service.

It is the renouncement and sacrifice where in general grows usury and greed.

It is generosity of the soul overlapping the hardened selfishness.

Finally, brothers, as well as the white color gather in its luminous band, the spectrum of all the colors, love gathers in itself, the highest vibratory frequency of all virtues. Therefore, to acquire it, it is necessary to cultivate each of them, coloring the soul with varied shades of Christian virtues. Nevertheless, only after the effort to acquire the knowledge, developing the intelligence, the largest characteristic of the human condition, is that the sublime feeling of love will be prepared in the "redeemed angel", to raise flight above the terrestrial life, towards the celestial planes.

As safe itinerary does what indicates Master Ramatis: To work, to work, and to work.

Ramp, GESJ – 07/28/09 - Public Meeting – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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